Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga teaches us how to relax without reading a book, watching TV or drinking a glass of wine. Its yoga with your socks on. Most people only truly relax whilst sleeping… and some don’t even manage that! The body is supported in different poses by various props, tucked in with a blanket… and through warmth and safety, allowed to deeply relax. All the benefits of different yoga poses whilst healing the nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system, immune system (to name but a few) through true relaxation.

“I have been aware for a number of years that the demands placed on me daily can leave me feeling lost, helpless and imprisoned. 
The work I am doing with Lisa has been pivotal in enabling me to re-find my sense of self and to make decisions based on a new level of awareness and feeling of purpose. 
She has an extraordinarily rare talent.”
Sam Wilson

During the course you will learn how to:

Rest deeply without falling asleep

Practice restorative yoga at home

Access the place of stillness within that is so often obscured by the mind

Create different sequences depending on the time. i.e. for menstruation, more energy, restful sleep

Access your para sympathetic nervous system and build the bridge for moving between the sympathetic and parasympathetic. (one is for action and one is restoration, we mainly exist in one…. can you guess which one?!)

Feedback from a recent course….

Wonderfully relaxing class, I love the readings and the eye pillows. SH Brighton

When I left after the first session i truly thought to myself this will be something that saves me.  I have looked forward to every session.  Its been the best thing i do for myself in the week. Thank you so much.  Sara x

I would only wholly recommend both the practice of restorative yoga and Lisa herself, as a really lovely journey into a deeper nurturing style of yoga.  

Really enjoyed the course, great way to relax in the middle of the week, very relaxing, would recommend highly. 

The course has been very relaxing and centering.  I felt happy and light after each session.  Thank you!