Yoga Instruction

15-20 mins mindful morning practice

Begin by lying in constructive rest, focusing on releasing body weight to gravity on the exhalation. Softening, widening, deepening to feel a release in all directions.
Spend 5 mins watching the mind, focusing on the breath and just being.

Roll onto your side and roll up from the side head last, roll back down on to your back and then roll up from the other side head last again, roll about from side to side pouring the weight into the hips and up through the body as you sit up on each side.

Come over into childs pose, rest there feeling the back release and the breath move freely. Some of you might enjoy releasing the groins (top of the thighs around the bikini line, its called the inguinal groove) while you are in childs pose.

Come up onto All 4’s. make sure your elbows and other joint spaces arent locked. Follow your intuition here! Imagine your spine was a snake and you were exploring all the movements possible. Sensual, Deep, Intuitive Yoga!

Tuck the toes and rock forwards and back to open the back of the feet and get the head to tail connection.

Lift the knees off and unfold the back of the knees to bring the hips up and back into

Downward facing dog, tail reaching back, head lengthening away. It takes a while to make dog your own, so again play with what feels right, sometimes a moving dog feels good and others a more static dog where you focus on lengthening the spine and drawing energy up through the limbs. Remember to keep the knees bent and don’t focus on getting the feet to the ground, work more with feeling the rebound of weight come back into the body to find lightness and levity.

Walk hands to feet or feet to hands into

Standing forward bend, soft knees.

Down to come up…… into Tadasana

Stand in tadasana, Breathing, Softening, Deepening, Widening, Releasing.

Bring the hands together in prayer position and start each sentence with Thank you for…
And see what comes after, keep offering gratitude and allow your awareness to rest in your heart.

Begin your day, in gratitude, in kindness!

If you’d like a little bit more…..
You can move into spinal rolls and do some of those and then finishing with a bit of bouncing/shaking up from the feet, through the knees and have a fluid wake up or shake down. And again begin your day, this time from a bouncy fluid place ☺

Enjoy! Xxx

I suggest writing this out with briefer bullet points to begin or drawing the poses and then going back for more detail when you remember the sequence

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

With Love

Lisa xxxx