Hidden (dis)Abilities

Modern Medicine has created separate diagnostic boxes to fit us and our children in, but there is an underlying condition or factor that makes people susceptible to them in the first place. This is always present in ‘conditions’ such as: Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, addiction and depression.
The factor that unites all these conditions is digestive abnormalities.

All diseases begin in the gut. Hipprocrates, 460-370 bc

It is my belief that the labels given are simply labels categorising the symptoms of something else. A ‘diagnosis’ is only a description; it is not an explanation.

These diagnoses tell you nothing at all about the actual causes of your child’s difficulties, which will vary from person to person and always involve a complex web of interacting factors.

Diagnostic labels can be a useful explanation for yourself and to give others, it tells you the things the child isn’t, i.e. lazy, careless and can alleviate judgements around bad parenting. They can also help the child know it’s not their fault. It’s so important to try to help your child know that it’s not a disease and that it’s something that can be overcome with the right strategies.

The patterns of behaviour or leaning that define ADHA, dyslexia, dyspraxia or autism are not “diseases’ or ‘disorders’ in any conventional medical sense.

This may help to explain why these kinds of conditions now seem to affect to some degree, around 20 per cent of school-age children in the UK.
Dr Alex Richardson, They are what you feed them.

The help on offer doesn’t usually consider something very fundamental indeed: your child’s diet.

Not every child with behavioural or learning problems will necessarily even qualify for an official diagnosis and often after long periods of fighting to try and get their children diagnosed the help offered for that particular label doesn’t hit the mark. Drugs for children with ADHD, extra learning for dyslexia, physiotherapy for dyspraxia and often a “there is nothing that can be done” message for autism.

One thing that affects every person alive on this planet and that every parent would benefit from knowing more about is nutrition.