The first consultation is where a full case history is taken so together we can build a picture of your health, looking at your current health picture, the patterns and at what has led you to this point.

Over the subsequent sessions we work together to tailor a programme that suits your needs.

We will:
Look at diet and what is acting as a stressor to your body.
Explore different naturopathic techniques to support your body’s routes of elimination thereby helping the cleansing process
Discuss different food options and the possibility of supplementation when the body is ready for it.
Work with natural rhythms such as the seasons and those on a cellular level to support the body in its quest for balance.

You can expect to develop:

A greater understanding of your body
Expanded awareness about different foods
A greater understanding of your health
Feeling less “stuck”
Empowerment around working with dis-ease and cleansing
To build a “tool kit” to work with that supports your body
A deeper relationship with yourself and nature

A commitment to 3 sessions is needed, during the first session I take your case history and we discuss diet, the second session covers naturopathic cleansing techniques and we review how it is emotionally, physically and practically changing the diet and the 3rd session is a review again and were we discuss supplements. £160 for 3 sessions. 1st session 2 hours and subsequent sessions 1 hour. Held at The Grey Door therapy clinic on Blatchington Road, Brighton.

I also offer follow up sessions over the phone or Skype.