Natural Nutrition Technique Instructions

Linseed Tea

Place a handful of linseeds, approx 3 tablespoons in a large pot, add around 2- 3 filter jugs worth of filtered water and bring to the boil, turn off and leave overnight or for 8-10 hours. When you return to it add a cinnamon stick, if you like cinnamon and bring back to the boil, simmer for 60+ mins, strain and serve. The liquid can be kept strained in the fridge for 2-3 days or on the hob for 2 days, where you can keep it on a low heat or re-heat, strain and serve as needed.
The consistency will be thick and initially unusual, but I can confidently say it will become a favourite of you and your colon!

Castor Oil Pack

You will need:

A piece of cotton or woollen fabric ideally unbleached.
A bottle of Castor oil.
A hot water bottle

• Cut an oblong of the material approx 27 inches by 12 inches. Fold the unbleached cotton into double or triple thickeness.
• Place the folded cloth on a warm hot water bottle and pour enough castor oil on to cover the cloth but no so much that it starts to drip. You can fold the material in half to contain and spread the oil while it warms (castor oil should be kept in the fridge so is often cold when it is poured on the material)
• Put on some old clothing in case there are any leakages and place an old towel behind where you intend to rest while the castor oil pack is on.
• Relax and place the castor oil pack on the liver area (right hand side) and relax for between 30-60mins.
• After you have packed the liver you can then repeat this process in order to pack other specific areas of discomfort/that would benefit from packing. For example, knees, chest, thyroid etc. You must ensure that the liver has been packed first as it will have to deal with any toxicity shifted by packing other areas of the body

Please consult Lisa Christie or another nutritional therapist for advice regarding frequency of packing and techniques that work alongside this one.